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CatchBio aims to develop clean and efficient processes for biomass conversion into low-cost and sustainable biofuels, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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21 partners are taking part in CatchBio, which stands for Catalysis for Sustainable Chemicals from Biomass. Among these partners are most of the Dutch universities, research institutes and industries operating in the field of catalysis research. Industrial key players are involved but also more specialized SMEs take part in the consortium.
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Ambitions for 2020
Relying on groundbreaking scientific expertise, CatchBio will address in the upcoming years several important challenges which are crucial in the transition to a biobased economy. These challenges include:

  • fundamental studies on the stability of the catalysts;
  • focused study on drop-in greenification for limited number of current bulk chemicals and biofuels based on specific business cases;
  • development of new routes to fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, preserving functionality and chirality;
  • intelligent combination of thermochemical, chemocatalytic and biocatalytic processes;
  • characterisation / analysis of raw materials and complex product mixtures.

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CatchBio is partner in the BioBased Economy, a high-priority R&D area of the Dutch government.