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Prof. Matthias Beller

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Marital status : Married since 1992 to Dr. Anja Fischer-Beller, two sons (Marc-Philipp, born in 2000 and Jan-Niclas, born in 2002) 

Date of birth
: 11.04.1962
Place of birth : Gudensberg 

Academic Education

- 1982 - 1987
Study of chemistry at Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen
- 1987 - 1989
PhD thesis at the Institute for Organic Chemistry at Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (Prof. Dr. L. F. Tietze)
- 29.06.1989
Graduation with honors (Dr. rer. nat.)
- 1990
postdoctoral stay with Prof. PhD K. B. Sharpless at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (USA) 

- 1991 - 1993
Research chemist in the Central Research at Hoechst AG
- 1993
Group leader of "Organometallic chemistry - catalysis" at the Central Research of Hoechst AG
- 1994 - 1995
Project leader of "Homogeneous catalysis" at Hoechst AG
- 1996 - 1998
Associate Professor for Inorganic chemistry at the Technical University of Munich
- 06.1998
Director of the “Leibniz-Institut für Organische Katalyse an der Universität Rostock e.V. (IfOK)” aligned with a full professorship "Catalysis" at the University of Rostock
- 03.2001
Call for a C4-Professorship for Industrial Chemistry at the RWTH Aachen
- 06.12.2005
Director of the newly founded „Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse e.V.” 

Scientific and technical experiences:
• Homogeneous catalysis and organic synthesis
• P- and N-ligand synthesis
• Organometallic chemistry (Pd, Rh, Ru, Fe, Cu etc.)
• Development of processes for bulk chemicals
• Synthesis of biologically active agents
• Oxidations
• High pressure chemistry (hydrogenations, carbonylations) 

Present main research activities:
• Fe-catalyzed oxidations and hydrogenation
• Hydroformylations
• Hydroaminomethylation and hydroamination
• Pd- and Cu-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
• Rh- and Ru-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenations 

Awards and other Activities
- 1990
Liebig scholarship of Verband der Chemischen Industrie
- 1998
Otto-Roelen-Medaille (Dechema)
- since 1999
Board member of the Dechema Section "Catalysis"
- since 2001
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of "Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis"
Member of the Editorial Board of "Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical"
- since 2002
Member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry"
Board member of German Catalysis Society „Connecat“
Member of the convent for Technical Sciences of the Union of the German Science Academies
- 2002 - 2005
Board member of the Innovation Agency Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
- 2002
Merck-Frost-Lectureship (Canada)
- 2003 - 2005
Board member of the Institute for „Angewandte Chemie (ACA)“ in Berlin-Adlershof
- 2003
Degussa-Lecturer (University of Durham, UK)
- since 2004
Head of the Board of the German Catalysis Society „Connecat“
- since 2005
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of "Organic Process Research & Development"
- 2005
Novo Nordisk-Lecturer (Denmark)
- 2006
Leibniz-Preis (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
Innovation award (Hansestadt Rostock, Germany)
- 2006
Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande 

Prof. Matthias BellerLeibniz-Institut für Katalyse e. V. (Universität Rostock)